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Jasur Mavlyanov (贾森) is an experienced international corporate consultant based in Shanghai, China. He is the founder and CEO of Shanghai Silk Road (based in Shanghai, China) and JR & Firm LLC (based in Wyoming, USA) – trading and corporate consulting firms. He also runs several other trading and education companies in Shanghai. Jasur has extensive experience in international company formation, liquidation, China mergers & acquisitions, taxation, bi-lingual contracts, and many other areas of business in China and abroad, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, USA, Canada and the EU.


Jasur Mavlyanov – My Story

I started my career as a private corporate legal consultant back in 2008 in London, UK. Since then I have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and companies of different sizes from all over the world. I have also traveled the world extensively. I have been assisting my local (Chinese) and international clients with company formation, structuring, restructuring, liquidation, trust funds, trademark registration, corporate bank accounts, offshore and non-resident banking, China taxation, China commercial dispute resolution, bilingual contracts, and other custom made corporate legal services in most of the major economies of the world, including the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Poland, Turkey, UAE, South East Asian countries, and China. Apart from English, I am also fluent in Russian, Turkish, Uzbek, and Chinese. Currently, I reside in Shanghai with my family and run my companies. I came to China in 2012, fell in love with this beautiful country, its amazing people and culture, and decided to stay here. I did my Master’s degree in Public Administration and Politics at China University of Geosciences in Wuhan (中国地质大学武汉), then after graduating, I started my corporate consultancy and trading companies in Shanghai, China, and the U.S.

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“Jasur has been extremely helpful in managing our China branch during the pandemic!”

Why Work With Me?

It’s all about solving my clients’ problems efficiently and effectively. Me and my team at Shanghai Silk Road and JR & Firm LLC provide the best strategic solutions and options based on your specific situation. So far we have attracted more than $50 million Foreign Direct Investment to Shanghai and provided legal services to the investing companies and entrepreneurs, from small to well-known brands. Take a look at what our existing clients say about us below.

What I Can Do For Your Business

China Company Formation & Liquidation

China Commercial Dispute Resolution

China Mergers & Acquisitions

China Trade, Manufacturing, and Labour Contracts


China Company Structuring & Restructuring

China Accounting & Taxation

China Market Research

China Corporate Bank Accounts

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